Royal Pet Ped – 70x42x7cm (Water-Resistant)

Royal Pet Ped – 70x42x7cm (Water-Resistant)


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Royal Pet Beds for Cats or Dogs

  • Suitable for Small Breed Dogs and regular cats.
  • Made with Happy Water resistant mats for the top sleeping area.
  • Happy mats can absorb liquid on 1 side and the other side will remain dry, hence protecting the insert.
  • Cushion insert (100% polyester fillings) has more volume/fluffiness and comes with Actigard Dust Mite protection.
  • Beautiful trimmings.
  • You can easily brush away animal fur left on the happy mat
  • Base and sides of the bed are made with cotton fabric. (Fabric colours for the sides and base may differ for each bed)
  • Removable Bed Cover can be hand wash or machine wash with regular detergent.
  • Do not use bleach or softener products
  • Size : 70cm (L) x 42cm (W) x 7cm (H)
  • Choose from our available prints.
  • Retail price at $59 per bed.
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