Nipple Lotion 25ml

Nipple Lotion 25ml


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Biogena’s extensive experience in Paediatric Dermatology has enabled it to produce the first paediatric line with total respect for the special needs of infant and baby skin. Product is also suitable for the adult skin.

The tolerability and safety profile of Osmin Line products are specially tailored for your child.

There are several important differences between adult skin and baby skin

  • Infant and Baby skin has a higher PH, so it is more likely to become inflamed and develop infections
  • Infant and Baby skin has a thinner hydro-lipidic film and horny layer and the barrier function is therefore less effective
  • A Baby has a larger skin surface than an adult when compared to its weight. This means that the babies and infants are more vulnerable to the secondary effects of absorption that may occur when products are applied to their skin.

Below are the 10 ingredients that will NOT be found in a Osmin product as they are deemed to be unsuitable for children’s skin.

  1. NO Lanolin
  2. NO Edta
  3. NO Mineral Oils
  4. NO Phenoxyethanol
  5. NO Silicones
  6. NO Preservatives (Formaldehyde)
  7. NO Preservatives (Chlorine)
  8. NO Parabens
  9. NO Known Allergens
  10. NO Ingredients of Animal Origin


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