Happy Baby – Tummy Pillow (33x12cm)

Happy Baby – Tummy Pillow (33x12cm)


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Our Tummy Pillows are all handmade with love and filled with 100% Flax Seeds which are imported from Canada.

We chose flax seed for the inner fillings because of its durability and also the ability to retain heat after heating it up in the microwave.

Happy Tummy Pillows can be placed over the child’s chest and tummy area. The pillow provides your bay with a sense of security and comfort by simulating the touch of a hand and preventing them from being startled by sudden movements or noises around their environment.


How are our pillows different from other?

We choose the softest cotton material from Japan

Our pillow can be used on it own. And when required, you can heat it up gently for 20 secs using a microwave. Heat can help relieve tummy upsets or provide some warmth during cold/rainy nights.


How do you use it?

Simply distribute the fillings to each side of the pillow. Place it over your bay’s chest/tummy area.

After baby falls into a deep sleep, gently remove the pillow. You can place it back on when baby is awake.


Important notes:-

Please always make sure that the pillow is kept away from baby’s face and does not cover his/her mouth/nose

Never leave your baby unattended when they are sleeping with the Tummy pillow.

Always check all seams to ensure that the pillow are secure as small parts may escape and pose a choking hazard to young children.

You can sun the inner pillow to ensure that the natural fillings are kept dry and odour-free.

Discard the product if the inner pillow containing the fillings is torn, or if the natural fillings have disintegrated to smaller particles that can easily escape from the pillow.

Happy Products and its distributors/retailers will not be responsible for any unfortunate incidents that may arise from the misuse of this product.

Sizes of each pillow may have a slight variance in size as they are all handmade. Do expect a +-0.5cm difference.

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