Use Happy Flax seed pillows for:- Hot Pack ◦ Relieve Stress by relaxing muscles ◦ Relieve muscle pain and aches ◦ Relieve menstrual cramps ◦ Relieve minor joint pains, stiffness and arthritis ◦ Ease Insomnia, calming effect ◦ Combined soothing effect when you apply your own essential oils

Happy Flexi ◦ Rectangular shaped pillow. Reaches shoulder to shoulder, down the spine, across the lower back, across the tummy or strap it around your legs or knees.

How to apply heat to my Happy Pillow?

Step 1 – Place your pillow on a clean and dry plate that is microwavable. Always avoid using plates made out of plastic.

Step 2 – Place the plate into the microwave. Microwave with 30 seconds interval. Feel the pillow and continue to microwave till it reaches the heat level you desire.

Step 3 – Place the heated pillow on your desired body area and enjoy!

Note : As every microwave has different heat wave, always carefully test on a small area of your skin to reconfirm the heat level. If its too hot, place it aside to cool down or wrap a cloth over before using.


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